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Gas Forced Air Furnaces

All Equipment outlined below is new and in the box with full manufacturer warranty unless
otherwise specified.

All equipment is priced to move NOW!. Please call for pricing / delivery. 1-888-ENGLER1 (364-5371)

Model #
FL8S130D20DN11 80+ Single Stage 130mbh, 2000 cfm Downflow
FL9S080C16DH11 90+ Single Stage 80mbh, 1600 cfm Downflow
FL9S100C20UP11 90+ Single Stage 100mbh, 2000 cfm Upflow
G8D12020DNC11 80+ Two Stage 120mbh, 2000 cfm Downflow
G8T10020DNC11 80+ Single Stage 100mbh, 2000 cfm Downflow
G8T11520DNC11 80+ Single Stage 115mbh, 2000 cfm Downflow
G9V08012DHB11 90+ Variable Speed 80mbh, 1200 cfm Dwn/Hor
GM9S120D20DH11 90+ Single Stage 120mbh, 2000 cfm Dwn/Hor
PBKMLV12N080 80+ Variable Speed 80mbh, 1200 cfm Upflow
PBKMLV20N100 80+ Variable Speed 100 mbh, 2000 cfm Upflow

Floor & Wall Furnaces

Model #
90N30 Floor Furnace 30mbh
90N65 Floor Furnace 65mbh
CDV151A Console Direct Vent 15mbh
CDV255A Console Direct Vent 25mbh
CDV355A Console Direct Vent 35mbh
CF504C Counterflow 50mbh Chimmney Vent, Liquid Propane (LP)
DVCF654B Direct Vent Counterflow 62.5mbh, Liquid Propane (LP)
VC702-BM Console Chimmney Vent, 70mbh w/ Blower, Liquid Propane (LP)
W251D Gravity Wall Furnace 25mbh, built-in stat
W255E Gravity Wall Furnace 25mbh, wall stat
W501E Gravity Wall Furnace 50mbh, wall stat

Console Room Heaters

Model #
RH25 Room Heater, 25mbh, Chimmney Vented